Since the late 70's students from across the US & Canada have been seeking a quality medical education outside of North America.

Over the years, the number of offshore medical schools have increased tremendously, each offering a unique learning experience while adequately preparing their students to succeed. In recent years, both Americans and Canadians have also sought out international medical schools throughout the Caribbean, Europe & Asia to help them fulfill their dreams of becoming doctors.

Going through medical school is hard work. But
applying shouldn’t have to be! Welcome to UMCAS!

Avoid submitting multiple applications and hefty fees

Unfortunately, students have had to apply to every school of interest individually, submitting multiple application forms, paying hefty application fees, and mailing confidential, personal and sometimes valuable information to each school. This process has become somewhat tedious and repetitive and can also be quite costly.

To combat these challenges and to create a more streamlined method to help prospective medical students with the application process, the Universal Medical College Application Service (UMCAS) was established.

UMCAS in a centralized online application platform that helps students connect with medical schools through their unique online universal application. Incorporating today’s technology and social networking features, students can create comprehensive, detailed and elaborate application forms that most medical schools would applaud.

In addition to the standard application form, a student can also upload all the necessary documents to their profile, accessible only by admissions officers that have received a student’s application and thereby speeding the process of gaining admission into some of the best medical schools in the world!

Do your research

There are over 50 popular medical schools that North American & International Students choose to attend, should they fail to gain admission into a medical school at home. Unfortunately, not all of them participate with UMCAS. But this is your future.

So before you begin the application process

Make sure you do the research. Google the individual schools. Visit their websites. Compare their curriculums, fees, first-time exam pass rates, residency match rates, etc.

Build your UMCAS application

Confident about some of the medical schools on our platform? Well, start your Universal Medical School Application. In addition to filling in all the required fields, make sure you take the time to work on your personal entrance essay. Usually, the question that is asked by most medical schools is “Why do I want to be a Doctor?”

Two recommendation letters

Furthermore, have at least two recommendation letters ready in addition to your CV, health clearance, police clearance and academic transcripts.

School Transcripts

For acceptance purposes usually, digital copies should suffice unless official transcripts are required – in which case, you’ll have to mail them out individually!

Upload all documents

All these documents can be uploaded online to your UMCAS Dashboard.

Once complete

Once you’ve completed your application, select an application payment package that best works for you and hit APPLY!!!

Stay connected & informed

If your UMCAS application is only 80% complete (the minimum completion rate before you can apply to any medical schools) then this is the time to go back and complete your application by filling or uploading all the missing fields. Once you’ve applied to 3, 5 or 10 medical schools of interest from our list of participating medical schools, now you need only sit back and relax. Schools will begin to review your application and reach out to you over the next couple of weeks and then the fun really begins…..with interviews!

Spruce up your UMCAS Application…with an ADMISSION VIDEO!

In case you didn’t notice, you can now upload an admission video to your dashboard too! Be creative, sincere and genuine but don’t forget to have fun with it too! Link your YouTube or Vimeo video so that admission’s officers can get a personal look at your application!

Additionally, make sure you’re on our mailing list to get updated and notifications when we release new blogs – these are packed with a ton of useful information about everything you need to know when going to medical school in the Caribbean and beyond! All the best future doctor!

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