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Thinking about becoming a physician?

It’s a noble calling. A distinguished profession. A selfless commitment to helping your fellow man. But before you can don the white coat and stethoscope, you’ll have to commit to years of studying, sleepless nights, a life filled with continually writing exams and staying up to date with the latest advances in medical care and management. And it all starts with choosing the right medical school.

That’s where UMCAS steps in.

The Universal Medical College Application Service was created to help the thousands of American, Canadian, and International students sift through all the various medical schools throughout the Caribbean and provide a more straightforward, streamlined application process because let’s face it; medical school is hard work. But applying shouldn’t have to be. Learn more about all our participating medical schools and see what they each have to offer. Once you’re ready, start your UMCAS application! Along the way, if you need any help, just reach out to us – we’re here to help you succeed!

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The first thing you should do is start your unique UMCAS application. Our one online application replaces the stacks upon stacks of paper and pdf applications that many medical schools force you to fill out.

The Universal Application

Not only does every school have different application forms, but they also have different application fees. At UMCAS, we believe that if the medicine you learn is the same across the world, then why shouldn’t your application to medical school be the same too? Applying to medical school abroad can be a stressful process. Our team has gone through the application process of many medical schools, and we have created a new industry standard online application that incorporates all the most common and most important required information.

We've gone a step ahead and made it super easy

It’s easy for you to share various documents with admission officers such as your transcripts, personal statements and letters of recommendation.

No more snail mail

Reduce the cumbersome and often pricey snail mail packages you would have had to send through FedEX, Canada Post, USPS, etc. After all, the last thing you need is to find out that all your documents got lost.

Upload a personal admission video

UMCAS now allows you to upload a personal admission video (think of the movie ‘Legally Blond’ with Reese Witherspoon) which will give admissions officers a look inside your world and offer a personal touch to your application.

Everything is secure and encrypted

Your privacy is paramount to us! At the end of the day, we’re confident that our platform will result in more interviews, more acceptances and a higher chance of you ultimately fulfilling your dream.

Do your homework

After you have filled out the majority of your application, you’ll want to purchase some application credits. We’ve priced them to be much more affordable than if you had chosen to apply to each school individually. UMCAS uses the Stripe payment gateway to process all our transactions so that your payment information is safe, secure and protected at all times!

Once you have your credits
Start visiting our “
Medical Schools” page to see a list of the participating medical schools that work with UMCAS. We’ve gone a step further and created a real modern profile page for each medical school to help you compare and contrast programs between schools. Be sure to read up on all your schools of interest. If they have an information seminar or open house in your area, try to attend it. If you have detailed questions about their curriculum or costs, then this would be an excellent opportunity to fill in those gaps. When you’re ready, and your UMCAS application is more than 80% complete, start applying!

Interviews, Acceptances & Rejections

The beauty of the UMCAS platform is its simplicity in design and function. Once you hit “Apply” to any given medical school of interest, an admissions officer at that school will receive an ‘invite’ to view your UMCAS Application, which is essentially your dashboard. They’ll be able to review, download and evaluate your application all from the UMCAS site. If there are any discrepancies, you’ll be contacted directly. If you’re missing some content or documents, you’ll be notified by the admissions officer too. And don’t be discouraged if you get rejected. We’ve encouraged our participating medical schools to be constructive by providing students with positive feedback on how to strengthen their applications so they can re-apply again in the following admission round.

Tips, Tricks & More!

Once you get in, there’s a lot of work and preparation that must be done before you step foot into the classroom. Well, don’t worry. UMCAS is there to help you in that area too! Our blog is filled with great insight. We’re creating mini guides, videos, and resources to help you transition from a ‘regular student’ into a ‘medical student’ and ultimately a ‘licensed physician.’ Just visit our Blog for more information!