All Saints University St. Vincent is committed to providing high quality education leading to an MD degree whilst keeping tuition and fees affordable. All Saints strives to ensure that it produces broadly and thoroughly educated graduates who realize that the medical profession denotes a sense of social responsibility. We seek students with demonstrated strong drive and desire to succeed, while still being able to focus on the compassionate and the humanitarian aspects of the medical profession. Students must regard medicine as a noble profession, not simply a trade to be learned. We encourage our students to actively engage themselves in the community and to respond to the needs of those they serve. In nothing do men more nearly reach the Gods, than in giving health to men.

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All Saints University St Vincent & The Grenadines
700 North Sacramento Avenue
Chicago, IL
United States
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MD - Doctor of Medicine
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700 North Sacramento Avenue
Chicago, IL
United States
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Arnos Vale,
Saint Vincent & The Grenadines
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4-Yr MD, 5-Yr MD, Bsc Medical Science
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Doctor of Medicine (MD), BSc
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Although applicant’s scholastic or academic record is accorded the greatest consideration, many other factors are also taken into consideration during the admission process. Interviews conducted during the admission process help the admission committee in determining a student’s demeanor, educational level, and degree of commitment. Applicants are encouraged to present a strong case for themselves through outlining their volunteer work, community contribution and scholastic achievements through their personal essay and by providing strong letter of recommendation. There is no entrance examination requirement at present. Although not required at present, submittal of MCAT scores is strongly recommended when applying for admission.
Duration of Program(s):
The University has already commenced the Doctor Medicine (MD) degree program which requires 4 or 5 years to complete, depending on entry qualifications of applicants.

The MD Program

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Details about the Pre-Med Program (if available):

The five year MD program is designed for high school or secondary school graduates.This program comprises the premedical component of 4 semesters duration, the Basic Medical Science phase of five semesters duration and the Clinical Clerkship Phase of 6 semesters (72 weeks) duration. The premedical components of the 5-year program are as spelt out above in addition to introductory courses in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry. The 5-year MD degree program can be completed in 4 years and 8 months.

Details about the Basic Sciences:

The 4-year MD degree program is designed for applicants who have completed a Bachelors degree in Sciences or the necessary prerequisites. It consists of 2 academic years of Basic Sciences followed by 2 years of Clinical Clerkship. Basic Sciences are conducted at our campus in St. Vincent while Clinical Clerkships take place at teaching hospitals in the Unites States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

Details about the Clinical Sciences:

End of Second Year
The second year of medical school ends with the Introduction to Clinical Medicine program and enters into the third year to begin the Clinical Clerkship program. In the first two years of medical school, students focus on basic knowledge of health and disease and are introduced to the care of individuals and populations.

The Third and Fourth Years
In the third and fourth years, students become directly involved in the care and study of patients. They begin to work with members of teams caring for hospitalized patients. Third year students rotate through 12-week rotations in Internal Medicine as well as General Surgery and 6-week rotations in Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Family Medicine.

End of Fourth Year
The fourth year consists of 24 mandatory weeks of elective clinical clerkships. The clerkship program is designed to ease the transition between the Basic Sciences and Postgraduate training by introducing students to the many fields of medicine and enhancing both their clinical and diagnostic skills. The underlying concept is that the transition from pre-clinical to clinical studies involves both the development of pre-clinical skills and the achievement of the physician role.

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