Aureus University School of Medicine is committed to providing students with a first-rate, affordable medical education. Situated in the heart of Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba, Aureus strives to produce broadly educated graduates who also recognize the social responsibilities incumbent upon practitioners of their noble profession. Aureus University seeks students who demonstrate a strong desire to succeed, coupled with an understanding of the compassionate and humanitarian aspects of the practice of medicine.

At Aureus University School of Medicine, we pride ourselves in offering our motivated healers of the future, an extraordinary education today. We are confident you’ll appreciate our steadfast pledge to provide affordable tuition, a safe and clean environment, smaller classes and a dedicated and highly experienced faculty.

Aureus University School of Medicine’s medical program prepares students to become efficient, exemplary and ethical doctors. Aureus University’s mission is to provide students with the solid foundation in medicine necessary to ensure that its graduates are able to overcome any challenges during their medical careers. Aureus strives to uphold the highest standards of learning where each student’s success contributes to and reflects upon the success of the university.

Chartered by the Government of the Island Republic of Aruba, Aureus provides highly qualified, compassionate and efficient medical doctors with a strong ethical background.

The Aureus campus is fully equipped with state of the art equipment, laboratories and research facilities to provide a highly effective learning environment for our students. Student accommodations include state-of-the-art, on-campus dorms.

Aureus University conducts fully accredited degree programs with highly experienced faculty in well-equipped, innovative facilities. Aureus University provides students with a solid medical foundation, enabling them to be licensed to practice medicine in the US, Canada, UK or any other member country of the United Nations.

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Aureus University
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Aureus University School of Medicine
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21-00 Route 208 South Suite. 220
Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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All Saints University of Medicine, Aruba (2004 - 2011)
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MD - Doctor of Medicine
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Not required
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21-00 Route 208 South Suite. 220
Fair Lawn, New Jersey
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Wayaca 31C, Oranjestad, Aruba
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Doctor of Medicine
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Tuition Fees

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4-Year MD Degree Program - Basic Sciences (Total $35,975 USD); Clinical Sciences (Total $50,970 USD) 5-Year MD Degree Program – PreMed (Total $13,484 USD); Basic Sciences (Total $35,975); Clinical Sciences (Total $50,970)
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MCAT Requirements:
MCAT scores are not required but are recommended and may impact the admission committee’s decision.
Duration of Program(s):
Aureus University School of Medicine offers two MD programs to prospective students. A 4-Year program for students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree, and a 5-Year program for High School Graduates: 4 YEAR MD PROGRAM The 4 Year MD program is for students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or have completed the premedical requirements which consist of: Biology – 90 semester hours General & Organic Chemistry – 90 semester hours Organic Chemistry – 90 semester hours Physics – 90 semester hours Together with Math, English, and Humanities studies, the 4-Year program is conducted in Aruba and can be completed in 3 Years 4 Months without semester breaks. Candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or a premedical program are eligible for admission into the 4-Year MD Degree Program. THE 5 YEAR MD PROGRAM The 5-Year MD program is designed to cater to high school graduates who are interested in medicine. This requires three semesters to complete the pre-medical requirements highlighted above. Students study for one additional year to fulfill the 90-semester hour requirement in Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, English and Math. Upon successful competition of these three semesters, students move on to the 4-Year MD program where students complete Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotation portion of the MD program. This program is designed for highly motivated students wishing to pursue the field of medicine. It provides a firm foundation in pre-medical education, giving the student the fundamental knowledge required for Aureus’s MD program.

The MD Program

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Aureus University students receive their Clinical Training at our affiliated hospitals across the United States. Upon completion of their clinical rotations, students secure residences in various specialties at renowned medical facilities as they advance toward a successful medical career.

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