The American University of St. Vincent is an organization promoted by leading physicians and educators from the U.S. and around the world. We are a collaborative consortium dedicated to the advancement of healthcare and education through the development of new innovative educational methodologies. AUS brings together the experience and commitment of educators from Applied Health Sciences, Computing, the Basic Sciences, Management, the Arts, Engineering, and Environmental Studies to collaborate on the solution of major health and education related challenges to an efficient, effective, and sustainable University. A relative newcomer among medical colleges in the Caribbean, the AUS School of Medicine has established itself in the heart of the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. AUS School of Medicine supports the mission to increase the availability of physicians to serve the needs of the people living in different parts of the world. Our academic environment fosters respect for the uniqueness of humanity. Students are provided with classrooms and clinical experiences designed to prepare them to function as competent, caring, lifelong learners with a distinct medical philosophy. We invite you to explore this unique institution, the scope of its influence and its promise as the future unfolds.

School Admin Details

First Name:
Ms. Sarah
Last Name:
Registration Email:
Phone Number:
Toll Free 1-888-928-7633, US 469-941-4940

School Details

School Name:
American University of St. Vincent School of Medicine
School Email:
17950 Preston Road 4th Floor, Suite 420
Dallas, TX
United States
Alternate School Names:
Degree Title:
MD - Doctor of Medicine
Language of Instruction:
Entrance Examination Requirement:
Foreign (Non-National) Students Eligible:

Admission Office Map

17950 Preston Road 4th Floor, Suite 420
Dallas, TX
United States
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Campus Office Map

American University of St. Vincent - New Montrose OPP to CWSA
Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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Additional Information

Doors Opened in:
Programs Offered:
Degrees Granted:
MD - Doctor of Medicine
Pre-Med Offered:
Listed in IMED:
Listed in WHO:

Tuition Fees

Base Tuition:
Additional Fees

Pre-Medical Semester 1- 4

Tuition $2500.00 per semester
Exam Fee $100.00 per semester(Starting May 2015)
Library Fee $25.00 per semester
Lab Fee $50.00 per semester
SGA Fee $25.00 per semester
Transportation Fee $160.00 per semester

Medical Semester 5-8

Tuition $3800.00 per semester
Exam Fee $100.00 per semester
Library Fee $25.00 per semester
Lab Fee $50.00 per semester
SGA Fee $25.00 per semester
Transportation Fee $160.00 per semester

Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine Semester 9

Tuition $6000.00 (US and Trinidad)
Tuition $3975.00 (Non-US)
NBME Exam Fees(ICM : SVG) $100.00
NBME Exam Retake Fees (ICM : SVG) $75.00
Medical Liability Insurance $1000.00 (US Only)

Clinical Sciences (Teaching Hospitals) Semester 10-14

Tuition $8750.00 per semester(US)
Tuition $8750.00 per semester( Trinidad)
Tuition $5975.00 per semester(St. Vincent)
Medical Liability Insurance $500 per per semester

General fees
Application Fee $75.00 (One time only)
Seat Deposit $1,000.00 (For first semester only)
Graduation Fee $250.00 (Last semester only)
** Visa processing for International students $175.00 (First semester only)

Other Expenses

While student housing is arranged by the University, the cost is not covered in the cost of tuition listed above. Student must be prepared to pay up to $600 USD for a housing deposit upon arrival in St. Vincent and between $300-$550 per month in rent while studying at AUS School of Medicine
Health Insurance:

Health Insurance is mandatory. Students can either enroll in the Insurance Plan provided via AUS ($125/semester) or provide proof of private coverage to the Bursar prior to commencement of current semester.
Clinical Attire:

Clinical attire, consisting of lab jackets and scrubs, dissection kits and patient examination kits are a one-time expense of approximately $500.
Seat Deposit:

A seat deposit of $1,000, which is applied towards tuition, is due before the deadline stated in the letter of acceptance. Please note that the seat deposit is nonrefundable.

Accreditation Details

MCAT Requirements:
We currently do not require the MCAT as an entrance exam.
Duration of Program(s):
4 Years (MD) or 5 1/2 Years (Pre-Med+MD)

The MD Program

Shelf Exams:
Exit Exams:
Details about the Pre-Med Program (if available):

AUS offers a pre-med program that provides strong preparation for medical school. The two academic year pre-med program provides students with all of the college level courses required to enter a Doctor of Medicine Program. The pre-med program at AUS is structured specifically to meet the entry requirements so that students can matriculate into the basic sciences.
Required Documents to Apply:

Application for Admission
One-Page Personal Statement
One Letter of Recommendation
High School/Secondary School Transcript or National Test Scores
$75 Application Fee
Passport Photo

Within one week of a completed application file, including all necessary documents is received; an admissions counselor will schedule an interview to be done either over the telephone or personally at our campus in St Vincent. Applicants are advised that being granted an interview is not a guarantee of acceptance.
The purpose of the interview is to evaluate the applicant regarding his or her: :

Intellectual and academic ability
Communication skills, both verbal and written
Knowledge of the medical field
Hobbies, special talents, volunteer experience
Personal qualities, character and motivation
Willingness to be a team player
Compassion, empathy and ability to deal with everyday issues
The interview also allows the student to ask pertinent questions and to introduce any special circumstances that should be considered.

Following the Admissions Committee interview, the student will be notified of their admission status within one week. After receipt of the acceptance letter, the student is required to acknowledge their intention by returning the acceptance response form included with their acceptance letter, as well as mail the seat deposit fee to our Admissions Office within one week or by the deadline stated in the acceptance letter. This deposit will be credited towards the first semester tuition fees when the student matriculates. The deposit will not be refunded if the student rescinds his or her acceptance

Details about the Basic Sciences:

During the basic science courses, students first learn about anatomy and the core scientific concepts that underlie medicine. These concepts are applied to each of the body's organ systems in their healthy state. Later, the students study about pathology and pharmacology and apply that knowledge to each of the organ systems in their disease states. The first four semesters of the basic sciences are carried out on in St. Vincent and the fifth, or "bridge" semester, can be done in St. Vincent, the United States, or the United Kingdom. No student can begin his/her clinical clerkships until Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensing Examination is successfully completed.

Details about the Clinical Sciences:

The Clinical Science Program runs from the Semester 6 to Semester 10. Students are required to meet the following requirements prior to starting clinical rotations: Successful completion the Basic Science Program; Pass the USMLE Step I; and Be in good academic standing. Students will rotate in the following core rotations—Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Surgery, Psychiatry, and Family Medicine. This phase of your training uses patient-centered learning techniques, which include taking histories, performing physical examinations, reviewing laboratory results, and working with faculty physicians to manage patients through diagnosis and treatment. Clinical instruction will also include supervised clinical presentations, seminars, and lectures. Students can tailor their clinical experience to their interests by exploring other specialties through rotations called “electives." Students are required to complete 28 weeks (7 elective courses) of elective rotations.

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