Trinity School of Medicine is an accredited International medical school focused on helping medical students achieve their goals of becoming licensed physicians in the U.S., Canada and around the world. Trinity is not a typical medical school. While the curriculum mirrors that of U.S. schools and the standards are high, it's the combination of the small-by-design class size, student collaboration and the integration of clinical experience from the first term forward, that positions our graduates for top results in the board exams and residency match. Most importantly, the Education Commission for Foreign Graduates (ECFMG) has mandated that by 2023, physicians applying for ECFMG Certification will be required to graduate from a medical school that has been appropriately accredited. Trinity has achieved this accreditation well in advance of the deadline for future advancement of our students.

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Trinity School of Medicine
5755 North Point Pkwy, Suite 230
Alpharetta, GA
United States
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Trinity, TSOM
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MD - Doctor of Medicine
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5755 North Point Pkwy, Suite 230
Alpharetta, GA
United States
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Trinity College Road
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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MD - Doctor of Medicine
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The MCAT exam is required and verifiable scores may be no more than 4 years old.
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4 Yrs

The MD Program

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Details about the Pre-Med Program (if available):

The Pre-Medical program is specifically designed to provide students with the 90 credit hours of prerequisite curriculum required by Trinity School of Medicine's Doctor of Medicine Degree (MD) program. The Pre-Medical and Doctor of Medicine programs, when combined, form an all encompassing Medical Degree program for students from Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe where their six year medical programs traditionally begin directly after secondary school. Additionally students who have pursued two or more years of undergraduate level education should consider Trinity's Pre-Medical program as a means of completing the prerequisites to the MD program.

Details about the Basic Sciences:

The integration of the basic and clinical sciences throughout the five terms of the Basic Sciences, utilizing our relationship with Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and its clinics on St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Assist students in developing the skills, knowledge, behaviors and attitudes they will need to practice patient-centered medicine in the world of tomorrow. The incorporation of and adherence to established learning principles. Constantly improve our curriculum so that it responds to and incorporates changes in medical knowledge and practice. Embrace and incorporate the values of the medical profession.

Details about the Clinical Sciences:

Terms six through ten of Trinity School of Medicine's Doctor of Medicine Degree program consist of clinical clerkships conducted with Trinity faculty on the medical staffs of hospitals and medical facilities where students utilize what they've learned in the Basic Sciences courses and the Introduction to Clinical and Community Medicine courses. Under the supervision of faculty physicians, students participate in 48 weeks of required core clerkships and 27 weeks of elective clerkships. From the different clerkships, students obtain clinical expertise in the basic clinical disciplines in preparation for advanced training during their residencies. The core clerkship requirements are listed below. The 27 weeks of elective clerkships are strategically chosen to strengthen students residency applications.

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