Windsor continues to stand out due to its affordability and an academic environment designed to welcome international students of diverse cultures. Windsor has successfully achieved and maintained this multicultural environment for more than a decade.

Founded in 1998 on the island of St. Kitts, Windsor University School of Medicine provides broad medical education and academic support services designed to assist students in achieving their academic goals. Our medical school ensures our students are offered an enhanced academic education along with extensive hands-on patient care training and leadership. Our graduates are known to be committed and dutiful professionals committed to serving their community. Ready to pursue a career in medicine? Get in touch with us today.

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Windsor University School of Medicine
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School Details

School Name:
Windsor University School of Medicine
School Email:
6212, Monee Manhattan Rd Monee Illinois, 60449

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MD - Doctor of Medicine
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Foreign (Non-National) Students Eligible:

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6212, Monee Manhattan Rd Monee Illinois, 60449

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Brighton’s Estate, Cayon St. Kitts, West Indies
St. Kitts, West Indies
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Additional Information

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Degrees Granted:
Doctor of Medicine
Pre-Med Offered:
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Tuition Fees

Base Tuition:
PREMEDICAL PROGRAM FEES – PER SEMESTER: Total-$ 4540.00 BASIC SCIENCES PROGRAM FEES - PER SEMESTER: Total (MD 1-4) $ 6390.00 + other fees; Total (MD 5) $ 8040.00 CLINICAL SCIENCES PROGRAM FEES (MD 6-10) – Per Semester: $ 6,490.00 + other fees *All fees are in USD.
Additional Fees

Administrative Fee, Student Government Fee, Health Insurance Fee, Semester Ending Exam Fee, Lab Fees, Becker’s Program Fee, Visa Fee, Transportation Fee** (optional)

Accreditation Details

MCAT Requirements:
No, MCAT is optional. If you have completed the MCAT, the admission office recommends that you submit your score sheet.
Duration of Program(s):
4-year MD program / 5.5-year Premed, MD program

The MD Program

Shelf Exams:
Exit Exams:
Details about the Pre-Med Program (if available):
Details about the Basic Sciences:

Admission into the 4-year program requires a Bachelor Degree or completion of at least two years of post-secondary education, which must include successful completion of premedical admission requirements.

Details about the Clinical Sciences:

After successfully completing basic sciences, Windsor students are eligible to enter Clinical Clerkships, in rotation, in specific fields. There are 48 weeks of required clinical core clerkships and 24 weeks of electives. The core clerkships in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, family medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and psychiatry are the basic areas of medical practice about which all physicians need to be knowledgeable. They are included in the curriculum of every medical school participating in these clerkships and provide students with an understanding of the various specializations in medicine.

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