October 2, 2018
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3 Options for Caribbean Medical Schools

If you’re considering studying for your medical degree at a Caribbean Medical School, you may be wondering about your options for places to study. If you live in Canada or the United States, and have always been interested in medicine as a career, you probably know most of the medical schools in your country.

But it’s difficult to have that same level of familiarity with schools located abroad. To help you get a better understanding, here is just a short list of respected Caribbean Medical Schools.

1. Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia

Established in 1980, Spartan Health Sciences University (SHSU) has demonstrated academic excellence in medical education throughout its history. A degree in medicine from SHSU means you can get licensed in the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and other countries around the world. The school’s graduates are now practising in over 40 U.S. states, Canada and over 20 other countries.

SHSU is proud of its small class sizes, with a 1 to 10 faculty-to-student ratio. St. Lucia, a former British colony, is located in the central Caribbean. While English as its native tongue, St. Lucia’s culture has a French flavour that remains from it colorful colonial history.


2. All Saints University Medical School, Dominica

First, make sure you don’t mix up Dominica with the Dominican Republic! They’re two separate countries. All Saints University School of Medicine (ASUSM) has a medical curriculum based on the U.S. model. The university bills itself as the place for “the most affordable quality medical education in the Americas”.

But studying at ASUSM won’t mean you’ll be sacrificing any opportunities. The school’s graduates are licensed around the world, including in the United States, Canada, the UK, the EU, Asia and Africa.


3. Texila American University, Guyana

Established in 2010, Texila American University (TAU) has quickly built a reputation as one of the leading Caribbean Medical Schools. An international university, with affiliated schools in Zambia and United Arab Emirates, TAU is housed in a modern campus in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana. 

The University has recently entered into a curriculum partnership with Ponce Health Sciences University in Puerto Rico, USA. The partnership means that TAU’s medical students will follow a curriculum that adheres to U.S. standards.

There are many excellent Caribbean Medical Schools that you can choose from to get your medical degree. Check out our extensive list of medical schools abroad, or contact us here at UMCAS to learn more.

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