October 18, 2018
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An Overview of the Caribbean Medical Schools Application Process

Choosing to study abroad at a Caribbean Medical School is a big decision. But making the choice might be the easiest step in getting your medical degree at an international medical school. The application processes at many medical schools in the Caribbean may be just as rigorous or more so than for universities in the U.S., Canada or anywhere else.

But many prospective medical students aren’t always ready for one aspect of applying to Caribbean medical schools. In addition to understanding the application process for a particular medical school, competition for admissions means they should apply to many different schools to improve their chances of success.

The prerequisites, required documents, academic performance standards and so on can vary widely from one school to the next.

5 Basic Steps in the Application Process for Caribbean Medical Schools

To help you better understand the general process of applying to Caribbean medical schools, and be better prepared for it, here are some of the main consideration.

1. Do Your Research

Applying to any medical school is an involved process. It is important you research available schools, including visiting local information seminars, to be more focused in your preferences.

2. Choose When You Want to be Admitted

One of the more appealing aspects of applying to Caribbean medical schools is that the majority of them offer two or three admission dates, versus just one at most other medical schools.

3. Submit an Application

Considering that many of their applicants are international students, Caribbean medical schools generally offer online application forms. Still, assembling the information and documents each school requires, and ensuring that they are properly submitted, is different for every school. It’s always a good idea to look into each school’s application requirements and process as part of your research.

4. Invitation for an Interview

Congratulations! You passed the first test of a successful application. Questions will vary, but interviewers are looking for the qualities that will help you be a good medical student and good medical practitioner.

5. Gaining Admission

Another appealing part of applying to Caribbean medical schools is that, even if your medical school application is not accepted, you may be given options. For example, instead of rejecting your application outright, a Caribbean medical school may offer you alternative study options, like a basic science program, that will improve your chances of acceptance later on.

If you would like to learn more about the Caribbean medical schools application process, and how to streamline your simultaneous applications to many different schools, contact UMCAS today.

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