October 2, 2018
Caribbean Medical Schools GPA Requirements

Caribbean Medical Schools GPA Requirements

If you’re thinking of pursuing a medical degree from one of the many Caribbean medical schools, GPA requirements can sometimes be a concern. It’s not easy to get into a Caribbean medical school as you may be lead to believe. They provide a thorough medical curriculum and will closely examine a candidate’s qualifications before offering admittance.

Caribbean medical schools’ GPA requirements can vary widely. And, with MCAT scores not used as often as a prerequisite of admission, applicants’ GPAs can be an important part of the admittance criteria.

Average Caribbean Medical Schools GPA Requirements

Again, requirements vary, but a GPA score of 3.2 or better will usually be enough to keep you in the running for admittance. But, there are a number of other elements that Caribbean medical universities take into consideration beyond your GPA.

A Progressive Academic Record

Instead of basing an offer of admittance purely on a GPA or other similar criteria, many Caribbean schools sometimes look for signs of solid academics, including an improving GPA.

Low GPA’s are often not based on lack of academic ability, but potentially on difficulty adjusting to university life, trouble with a few courses or even personal issues. A constantly improving GPA through your undergraduate career shows you are able to overcome the issues that lowered the GPA.

Relevant Experience

If you’ve ever worked in a pharmacy, doctor’s office or even was part of the Pre-Med Society during your undergraduate work, these can all be relevant factors for admission.

Also, any experience you have that shows leadership, compassion and a willingness to help people, including volunteer work, is also worth including in your applications.


Beyond your academic, work and volunteer backgrounds, personal interviews are used by some schools to help evaluate you for the personal and professional traits needed for a career as a medical doctor.

At UMCAS, we’ve taken a page right out of Hollywood with the optional ‘Admission Video’, made ever so popular by Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) in the movie, Legally Blonde. In fact, many US & Canadian business schools now use Admission Videos as part of the selection criteria. It’s a candidate’s opportunity to provide some additional insight into who they are, their personality & their love for the program!

It’s important that your Caribbean medical school application includes any relevant information, experience, and academic records. UMCAS makes it easy and less stressful to apply to one or more universities of your choice. Contact us today to learn more or apply online at www.umcas.com

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